There’s no doubt that a well-managed diet and an exercise regime are most crucial in dropping those extra pounds but what if I tell you that your goal weight can be achieved faster if you follow some simple food habits through the day? Everyone talks about how green tea or black coffee are rich in antioxidants and aid in weight loss but for people like me who cannot drink these at all, the below ritual helped instead. The food items mentioned below are in addition to your meal plan (whether you’re following 3 main meals or 6 smaller meals).  It’s not only about eating these foods but also the timing at which you eat them helps aid in weight loss. So, read carefully

  1. Fenugreek Water : Feel thirsty after a long night’s sleep? Having water as the first thing in the morning is generally a good habit. What if we replace this normal water with something that will work on your weight loss through the entire day? Yes you heard that right! 10 – 12 fenugreek seeds soaked in a glass of water overnight is what you should be having the first thing in the morning. These seeds are rich in water soluble fibre and have been proven to be good in blood sugar regulation and appetite control. Galactomannan, a water soluble component found in Fenugreek is said to be very effective in suppressing appetite by slowing down emptying of stomach.
  2. Early morning fruit: Once you’ve had the water, give a 10 minute break and gulp on any seasonal fruit. And by season fruit, I mean you can have bananas too which many people think lead to weigh gain. But when eaten in morning, they provide fuel to body and are ideal to be had before you hit the gym. Having a fruit as the first thing kick starts your metabolism and suppresses your sugar cravings through the day.
  3. Curry leaves: Before you eat your breakfast, chew on 4-5 curry leaves every day. The curry leaves consumed in any form help in digestion that keeps the gut healthy. When consumed regularly as one of the first thing in morning, they fight bad cholesterol and attack the body fat. They lower the lipid levels and triglycerides stored in the body, the major weight gain contributors
  4. Soaked dry fruits: A handful of soaked dry fruits is a mini meal in itself before you eat your breakfast. All of them are rich in fibre and keep bowel movement healthy. In addition, each has qualities of its own such as:  Almonds are good for regulating blood pressure, Raisins are rich source of iron, Walnuts help in reducing the abdominal fat and are good for liver health too.
  5. Mid-morning snack: A few hours after you’ve had your breakfast, do you start to feel hunger pangs but realize that lunch time is still a couple of hours away? This is the time when most of us tend to gulp down a cup of high-fat coffee or a muffin which are laden with sugar thus all the effort we’ve put in diet and exercise since morning goes down the drain! Why not smartly replace this snack with something that is rich in fiber such as a fruit bowl or salad. Even a glass of lime water or buttermilk can keep your hunger under control at this time.

Additional tip

Cumin and carom water: So you’ve deviated from your diet plan today and feeling guilty? Worry not, this easy to make concoction when consumed as the last drink of the day helps in digestion and in reducing flatulence. Just take ½ tbsp of cumin and ½ tbsp of carom in 2 glasses of water. Boil the mix until the volume reduces to half. Let it cool , strain it and drink it. You will immediately start to feel less guilty 🙂

I hope you find the above useful. Do leave a comment if you have more ideas that can be added to the list above.