Have you recently joined a new workplace where you don’t know anybody? Do you feel alone at lunchtime where everyone is talking to each other and you just quietly eat your food in the cafeteria or sometimes even at your desk? Do you have trouble initiating conversations? Do you want to have colleagues you can talk to at workplace, then this article is for you. I am sharing some simple tips from my experience that will allow you to enter a group and be a part of it

  • Listen: Listening is the first step to initiating a conversation. Be an active listener. It will help you to understand more about the group you’re in, the kind of people they are, things that interest them and whether you want to be a part of this group eventually or not. So listen carefully!
  • Find out: Does the group look alien to you? Do they talk about football and you know nothing about the sport other than that there is a player called Cristiano Ronaldo who’s very popular! Worry not! In every group, there are people of all kinds with varied interest. You just have to identify the one you can relate to easily. Is there a movie buff who shares your interest? Just mention one of the movies you watched last night while getting a cup of coffee together and they’ll make sure to include you in group conversations next time.  And if nothing else works, politics is one topic which interests almost all of us! Just pick up a news from this morning and mention to the guys and get everyone talking and lo! you’d be the center of their attention
  • Show care: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” Be genuinely caring. If someone mentions that their aunt died last week, don’t just keep waiting for finding “common topics”. Be attentive listener and show genuine care. Human relationships are built on care and empathy. If there’s no such topic, offer something that shows care – it could be helping one of the colleagues with their work, sharing learning from your past experience or bringing them some good homemade food and you’re sure to make a way into their heart
  • Dress up: I am not saying that you put loads of makeup on if you don’t usually do it but be hygienic – take a bath and put on fresh clothes (preferably smart) every day. Believe it or not, if you look fresh, you radiate energy and people are attracted to you
  • Smile: Nothing works if you don’t follow this. A smile is the best way to let people know that you’re willing to open up. Smiling keeps you positive and attracts people towards you.  So, flash that beautiful smile of yours and see people smiling back and get them talking to you in no time