Sandwich is a staple breakfast for many of us. It’s simple to make and there is a variety of sandwiches we can make at home, thanks to the different spreads available in the market. But have we ever thought about the amount of fat each sandwich is bestowing on us? When I was on diet to shed the extra kilos, my nutritionist would ask me to have a sandwich on some days and I was happy to be able to eat some bread after days of having a high protein diet. But the moment I referred to the list of don’t’s in my diet chart, my happiness was thrown out the window as I could not have mayonnaise or any other spread high in fat. Even the sandwich spreads that claim to be low fat were not really low fat. As a rule of thumb, anything that is more than 3% of fat per 100g is not acceptable as part of healthy diet. That’s when I explored other options of dressings that are simple to make at home. And in this post, I am going to share with you all some simple sandwich spreads that you can make at home without worrying about the fat intake.

  1. Hung curd: I bet this one would make you forget mayo. Take some curd on muslin cloth and tie it and hang it for at least an hour. When you open it, you’ll get some thick remain that will be the base for your spread. Just throw in some coriander leaves, onion, carrot, cucumber, tomatoes, salt and pepper and your dressing is ready. You can store hung curd (without salt) in fridge to be used later as well. But the grilled sandwiches I make with this base are a win with my family. Nutritionally speaking, hung curd is high in protein, maintains gut health and also aids in weight loss. Tip : The whey or the water that remains behind while making hung curd can be collected and used for cooking purposes
  2. Mint sauce or chutney: If you like to eat spicy, then this one’s for you. To a grinder, just add in a few mint leaves, coriander leaves, some lemon, green chillies (optional), salt and pepper and grind this to a coarse paste. Add some water to get desired consistency. Although for sandwiches, I’ll suggest to keep this thick else your sandwiches can become soggy. You can save this spread in refrigerator for up to a week. Whenever you want to use, just apply it to both slices of bread, add desired veggies in it and grill it. You can add some healthy cheese of your choice if you like. And I bet you won’t be disappointed.  Everything in this recipe is excellent for health and mint specifically aids in weight loss and has got anti-inflammatory properties. Tip: You can use this chutney as a side with rice and other curries as well to increase the flavour of food
  3. Hummus: If you like Mediterranean food and dips, then you’re going to love this spread. This can be had in sandwiches or just with simply toasted bread. I have this for dinner many times. This one can be stored for upto a week as well but it’s best served fresh. This one, unlike the previous ones, need some preparation and a bit more time taking to prepare.  But once you like the taste, you’re not going to mind the effort it takes. To make Hummus, you need chickpea soaked overnight, boiled until they are just cooked. Add cooked chickpea to the blender, along with some curd (added 1-2 tbsp for tanginess), salt and pepper and blend this mix to get a smooth paste. Add water to get desired consistency. Add a few drops of olive oil in the end to add to its taste and that’s all, your hummus is ready. It’s advisable to let this cool in refrigerator before you eat. This spread is high in protein and can be had at any time of the day.

I hope you find these ideas useful and tasty. Let me know if you have any feedback or any more healthy ideas to share.