With most of the world under lock down, it’s easy to get bogged down in the COVID-19 tally and fear for your life all day. The truth is most of this is beyond your control.


Other than Netflix and Chill and browsing through social media, there are a few other things that can lift your spirits up.

  1. Cook: Cook your food. Not only it is a form of meditation but also it’s safer during these times. Although the chances of the virus spreading through food are extremely low as per experts but remember that Virus can stay on surfaces (the takeout boxes) for a long time hence safer to do most of the cooking at home, is possible
  2. Read: I am sure all of us have books we bought that we thought we’ll read but never managed to. Also, if the delivery of books is on hold in your area, worry not as you can read e-books without having a Kindle. Just download the kindle app on your phone and get ready to browse through thousands of books
  3. Upskill yourself: We know by now that the scenario with the job market is going to go downhill for most of us. Why not use this time ( even if it’s a few hours we’re saving on travel time) to undertake a course that will make us better equipped to deal with the upcoming times
  4. Games: Don’t know what to do in the evenings after work? If you’ve got kids at home or even if you are more than two adult members in the family, playing certain games can be good fun and a great stressbuster for all.  Playing card games or board games can help bond with the family members too in these tough times
  5. Dance to music: Missing Friday evenings at your favorite pub? The pub will take time to re-open but you can enjoy the music in the meantime. Have a playlist of your favorite dance music set up, grab a glass of wine and just groove to the music of your choice. And if you’re the one to keep it quiet and cosy with a small group of friends, just make a video call and chat the night away. You will feel liberated in so many ways
  6. Home workout: Not being able to go to the gym shouldn’t be a reason to become unhealthy. Remember all you ladies out there, you have to look your best to fit into those summery dresses when the times get better. Stay fit and working out at home till then! There are multiple free home-workout videos available on YouTube
  7. Tidy up your life: Times are tougher but less chaotic for sure. You don’t have to fulfill social obligations, take out kids to activities, etc. Why not use this time to tidy up your life, be it sorting out your finances, re-investing your money or sorting out your cupboards. Now is a good time for all of that

Just remember, this is just a phase and things will get better very soon. Till then, stay at home, exercise due precaution and stay healthy.

Pic courtesy: Google.com, Bruno Cervera