By young mother, I picture a woman whose kids are very much dependent on her.  A mother plays a crucial role almost the entire life of the child. It’s during the formative years of a child, that the bond of love between the mother-child duo grows each day. The small things that a kid needs help with, the numerous questions that they ask, all help strengthen the bond. If you are at this stage in your life, you might like to get these feelings relayed back to you. I have put together a list of movies that I have personally enjoyed watching as a young mother. There is something relatable in each of these characters. And what’s great is that one can watch these movies with a young child around the house (no nudity , no sex, no violence )


The emotions I felt while watching this movie can’t be penned down. Watching this one was truly an experience for me. Imagine a child being born in a captivity, in a tiny room and growing up listening to stories of the sky and the stars (which he has never seen).The outcome? The insatiable curiosity and numerous questions that he has for his mother which have been portrayed beautifully on the screen. If you decide to watch this on Netflix, keep your tissues ready. I can guarantee you will hug your child tighter after watching this


We all fear for our kids’ safety, no matter how old they are. The nightmare of not finding your child home when you come back from office becomes true for this mother Christine (played by Angelina Jolie), who then fights relentlessly to get her chid back. What’s worse is that her fight is not only against the criminal, but also against the whole Police Department. Set in the 1920s, the movie brilliantly portrays a plethora of emotions a mother goes through to find her child – the sense of loss, the betrayal, the agony, the bravery, the hopelessness and the hopefulness. This movie is going to make you cry for sure. You can watch this on Netflix.

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We all lose a bit of ourselves when we give birth to a child. But what happens if you stay lost for a bit too long? It takes a village to raise a child and sometimes that village is you and only you. The movie gets into the details of what a new mother goes through – the sleepless nights, leaking breastmilk, changing diapers and eventually no social circle is what it all comes to, if you don’t have help around. Tully goes through something similar and how she deals with it all, and bounces back, is what this movie is about. It might come off as slow in the beginning but it’s the dialogues exchange between the protagonist (Marlo played by Charlize Theron) and Tully, the nanny, which you should carefully listen to. You’ll be amazed by the ending so watch till the end.

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Who says a mother can only be biological? You can be a mother to child you choose not to raise or you can be a mother to a child you didn’t give birth to. Juno brings the emotions of two such mothers together. The movie shows how in spite of change in circumstances, what stays constant is the love of a mother for her child. Although the backdrop of the movie is teenage pregnancy , but this is a very mature drama starring the graceful, Jenifer Garner.

Mother’s day

I happened to watch this movie by accident on mother’s day this year and I don’t regret it. It’s not as deep or serious as the ones I have listed above but it’s a light yet relatable treat. There are multiple stories going in parallel but no mother is a bad mother is the key message. The movie showcases the common fears that we all have, such as, what if our child loves someone else more than us.  I have no shame in admitting that I fear that sometimes. If you fear that too, do watch on Netflix and you’ll be amused to find that you’re not alone.