We’ve all probably got bored with the same routine by now – working from home, almost negligible social interactions with basically nowhere to go to. Kids not going to school have increased the stress further as we’re now full-time care givers on top of working full-time. With the fear of catching the virus still lurking around, it’s not even possible to go somewhere for a break. But hey! It’s not as bad as it sounds. We’re getting ample family time which we have never got before. So let’s try to make things interesting again making most of what’s available in these times.

Share the Load: The onset of COVID has not just restricted our movement outside the house but has also increased the work load. Earlier, we used to just leave for our office and come back later in the evening, order food on the days we could not cook, simply eat and go to bed. It’s not that simple these days. One has to stress themselves with almost everything. If you go grocery shopping, you’d want to maintain social distance which means patiently waiting in long queues for your turn. Washing everything thoroughly once you come back is an additional task. Eating out is out of question for now. If you order in, you’ll have to think about hygiene practices followed at the takeout joint/restaurant, handle the food with care before you can finally eat. A lot of services which used to be outsourced such as cleaning, ironing, now need a careful thought. It’s too much for any one person to be doing all by themselves – physically as well as mentally. To maintain harmony in these times, try to share the load almost evenly depending on your work schedules and other engagements. It will not only be fair but also put your partner at ease .

Give space to each other: You both are working from home that’s great but a healthy space is essential for the relationship to bloom. If you hear each other’s conversations, read each other’s emails all day, there would be no fun anymore. You won’t have anything to talk about at the end of a long day. Also, it’s a fact that you start to see an increased number of problems with your partner if you stay too close. Solution? Try to work in different work spaces where you’re not distracted by what they’re doing and treat the day as if you’re in your own office. The joy of sharing how your day went while sipping a cup of coffee together in the evening will bring your further closer.

Exercise Together: You’d have probably heard of “A family that eats together, stays together”. The latest study says that “couples who exercise together, stay together”. You can’t go to the gym, not at least for another three months. But do encourage each other to stay fit and healthy by regular exercise at home. And words won’t just be enough to motivate each other. Work out a routine where both of you can dance to your favourite beats and help each other become the best physical version of themselves.

Date Night: Whether you have kids at home or not, it’s very important to wind down every few days and just relax with each other. Decide on a day of the week/month when you can take a break from all the responsibility, sip on some good wine and watch a good movie together. This really helps in reconnecting.

Sex: Numerous studies have proven that sex has physical as well as physiological benefits on the health of couples. Sex is not just a great stress buster but also a way of expressing your feelings for each other. Sex promotes intimacy and bonding and is often associated with more happiness between couples. Scientifically speaking, the release of a hormone Oxytocin during sex promotes calmness and the release of endorphins that in turn promote happiness. Orgasm, in specific, triggers the release of Prolactin which aids in good sleep.

Surprise: Most of us like pleasant surprises, don’t we? Now, surprise doesn’t necessarily have to be anything fancy or expensive. Nor is a surprise always supposed to be given by a male to a female. One should try to do something new, at least on special days such as Birthdays and Anniversaries. Surprising your partner with a new hair-style, a full body massage, a 7 course meal or simple a heart-felt note reminding them of your love are a few good ideas in my view.

Reduce your time on social media: Anything in excess quantities is not good. Use of social media is no different. The constant scrolling through social media feeds leads to increased unhappiness between couples as we try to compare our lives with something that’s not even real. Best to engage in real conversations, keeping your phone asides for a couple of hours a day and it will work wonders for your relationship.