How to keep kids engaged during Lockdown

As a working mother, do you feel helpless that you are unable to attend to your child during the office hours ?  Do you feel guilty that the only option you have is to hand them a smart phone or tablet to watch videos on or play games on? If you’re having to manage kids […]

Locked Down? – Lift yourself up!

With most of the world under lock down, it’s easy to get bogged down in the COVID-19 tally and fear for your life all day. The truth is most of this is beyond your control. Other than Netflix and Chill and browsing through social media, there are a few other things that can lift your […]

How to be a part of any group and make friends

Have you recently joined a new workplace where you don’t know anybody? Do you feel alone at lunchtime where everyone is talking to each other and you just quietly eat your food in the cafeteria or sometimes even at your desk? Do you have trouble initiating conversations? Do you want to have colleagues you can […]

5 simple food habits to lose weight faster

There’s no doubt that a well-managed diet and an exercise regime are most crucial in dropping those extra pounds but what if I tell you that your goal weight can be achieved faster if you follow some simple food habits through the day? Everyone talks about how green tea or black coffee are rich in […]

About this Blog

As I grow a year older today (and hopefully wiser too!), this blog is a gift to myself. Being an expressive and opinionated person that I am, I have a long-standing desire to share my thoughts with the world. “To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.” ~ Marilyn vos Savant […]